Do you dare to join?

Discover a special exhibition of dinosaurs with stories about life and dead, the occurrence of the flowers, gigantic herbivores, and ferocious carnivores.

At the dinosaur exhibition you will have a close encounter with the 20 impressing dinosaurs in actual size. The exhibition is a time travel from the fossil excavation of the present to the Jurassic and Cretaceous Period and it considers both stories about a new and luxuriant life that rises and ruthless fight for life and death


Secrets from a million years ago are being exposed and fossil remains of the past are unearthed. Look down into the excavation and see what the earth is hiding. You can also be an archaeologist yourself and chop dinosaurs out of the chalk.

It sprouts. Life arises and the first flowers of the world burst forth. The herbivores thrive on being in a luxuriant landscape. A Parasaurolophus just laid eggs, the Stryacosaurus has given birth to a small cub, and the giant Brontosaurus rises above the flower bloom.

A fight for life and death. The flesh flakes and the blood flows. The carnivorous Deuninychos attack quickly and efficiently. There is no mercy, only the strongest survives.

Chaos reigns. A lightning has torn a tree. The meteor has cut through the night and turned the world into dust and ash. The earth is burnt. Tyrannusaurus Rex roars in pain. These are the last signs of life.

The dinosaur exhibition is included in the entrance ticket to Aalborg Zoo